[Buildroot] Buildroot comments and questions

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at uclibc.org
Mon Apr 27 07:47:34 UTC 2009

>>>>> "Hai" == Hai Shalom <hai.shalom at gmail.com> writes:

Please keep communication on the buildroot list, thanks.

 Hai> The reason I am using uClibc 0.9.29 is because I have an NPTL
 Hai> patch over it, and it is used in the system for a long time. The
 Hai> official 29 and 30 versions do not include this patch, and
 Hai> trying to compile new linuxthreads for arm results in a missing
 Hai> header file in sysdeps (there are header files for all platforms
 Hai> except for arm). Therefore, I had to stick to my old version.

Ok. linuxthreads-old (the default) afaik works on ARM.

 Hai> Regarding the gcc patch, you are probably right. If I'll copy
 Hai> the mentioned patch file to the 4.2.4 subdirectory, does the
 Hai> Makefile automatically take all patch files in it?

Yes, all *.patch

 Hai> Regarding the find, I know I am using an older distribution, but
 Hai> in any case, I recommend using the other alternative instead of
 Hai> -delete anyways to support all versions (it doesn't damage newer
 Hai> versions).


 Hai> I also tried to build with gcc 4.3.2, and halted on the same
 Hai> problem exactly in crtstuff.c.  I found a patch to workaround
 Hai> this, but then I get the emptry sections warnings from the
 Hai> linker.

Strange. gcc 4.3.x works fine here on ARM. Maybe your problems are
caused by your uclibc changes?

 Hai> I've attached this patch for your reference, although I
 Hai> don't think it is right.    I also attached my .config file for
 Hai> your reference and hopefully you'll find something I didn't
 Hai> configure right... Please note that I had to hack the .config to
 Hai> force using 2.6.18 headers (I don't think there is any relation
 Hai> to this because with the mentioned patch, the toolchain
 Hai> completed to build).    Thanks a lot, Hai.

Why would you want to use so old kernel headers? Didn't the make
headers_install target only get added to the kernel in 2.6.19?

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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