[Buildroot] ping/wget/ftpget 'Segmentation fault' while PPPoE interface up

八戒哥哥 l0op8ack at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 23 20:02:35 UTC 2009

I'm a buildroot user who struggle to make an old celeron pc with 2 ethernet NICs as access router. 
The leased line is ADSL(PPPoE).
I statically linked busybox against uclibc ,using buildroot.
Bringing up ppp0 interface by rp-pppoe pppoe-connect script,so far so good.
Executing 'ping' ip address, the 'ping' command reports 'Segmentation fault'.
In fact, any network related command , such as wget/ftpget, report 'Segmentation fault'.
Shutdown the ppp0 interface by killing the 'pppd' and 'pppoe' processes,
ping some local ip address, no 'Segmentation fault' reportes this time,
and wget/ftpget work.
Bringing up ppp interface will crash the network related command.
I follow the busybox-1.13.4/networking/ping.c,
and find that the reason is 'getaddrinfo' call faults in fucntion 'static len_and_sockaddr* str2sockaddr',
at line 191,busybox-1.13.4/libbb/xconnect.c 
135 static len_and_sockaddr* str2sockaddr(
136                 const char *host, int port,
137 USE_FEATURE_IPV6(sa_family_t af,)
138                 int ai_flags)
139 {
140         int rc;
141         len_and_sockaddr *r = NULL;
142         struct addrinfo *result = NULL;
143         struct addrinfo *used_res;
144         const char *org_host = host; /* only for error msg */
145         const char *cp;
146         struct addrinfo hint;
191 rc = getaddrinfo(host, NULL, &hint, &result);
I build busybox against glibc ,linked statically and try again,
busybox works fine, whether bringing up ppp interface or not.

It's a uclibc problem, maybe.

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