[Buildroot] util-linux error : blkid/blkid.h not found ?

Jeff Steele jsteele at coloradocollege.edu
Wed Apr 1 16:04:16 UTC 2009

I *finally* got everything to build.  (svn, armeb, OABI). But there was
one error I had to fix by hand.

The package util-linux-2.13-pre7 failed to compile due to a missing
header file : blkid/blkid.h

This header file is in the package e2fsprogs-1-41.3, but I can't find
anything in the Makefile, configure, etc. for e21fsprogs that installs
the headers.  In order to get util-linux to compile, I did the
following :

# cd e2fsprogs-1.41.3
# for i in blkid e2p et ext2fs ss uuid; do
# mkdir ../../staging_dir/usr/include/$i;
# cp $i/*.h ../../staging_dir/usr/include/$i;
# done;

After this, util-linux compiled just fine.

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