[Buildroot] Working on a wxWidgets build

Lloyd Sargent lloyd at cannasoftware.com
Wed Apr 1 13:26:38 UTC 2009

Forgive me if Make files are not my forte, but how do I create two  
sets of dependancies in my wxwidget.mk file? The example in the  
documentation has:

foo: uclibc ncurses $(TARGET_DIR)/$(FOO_TARGET_BINARY)

Which makes sense. However I need something along the lines of:

foo: uclibc libglib2 libgtk2  $(TARGET_DIR)/$(FOO_TARGET_BINARY)

for one set of options and


for a different set of options.

Since I'm not really terribly familiar with these build scripts  
(better than day one!), I'd like to get a script that can build the  
entire wx_widget library rather than submit a one that does only what  
I need.

Please let me know if I need to clarify.



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