[Buildroot] Сorrect buildroot/target/jffs2/jffs2root.mk.

Чинков Андрей blackmesa at rambler.ru
Tue Nov 25 12:15:17 UTC 2008

Hi all.

I will speak about .../buildroot/target/jffs2/jffs2root.mk file.

I had built JFFS2 image for MIPSel and found that there is an indefinite 
conduct of the 'rmdir' (linux remove directory utility).

An error consists of that command:

@rmdir -p --ignore-fail-on-non-empty $(TARGET_DIR)/usr/share

does not delete directory recursive and reports error of that (I have 
Ubuntu-8.04 host machine).

So I decided this problem by means of substituting of this line:
@rmdir -p --ignore-fail-on-non-empty $(TARGET_DIR)/usr/share
by it:
@rm -r $(TARGET_DIR)/usr/share

And it works!


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