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rossella battaglia roxen_b at yahoo.it
Mon Nov 24 12:25:04 UTC 2008

Bernhard Fischer schrieb:
> On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 05:20:43PM +0100, Joe wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> Today I tried to build a new kernel for my dev-board. Last time i did 
>> this was Nov 2007, when i also used a buildroot-created toolchain which 
>> worked absolutely fine. Today it compiles a lot, and then backs out with
>> "arm-linux-ld: no machine record defined" in the file .tmp_vmlinux1
>> After googling a lot, i found some messages including one by Russell 
>> King indicating that there is probably something wrong with the used 
>> binutils and that it should be reported to the binutils people. But 
>> because i used the buildroot chain, i thought i'd ask here first.
>> Tried combinations include gcc 4.2.1 and 4.1.2 as well as binutils 2.18 
>> and 2.17 on kernels and Every possible combination 
>> was given a try with the same results.
>> Are there any ideas on this?
> Please send me your buildroot.config and (if it's not the default) your
> uClibc.config and kernel.config for me to reproduce.

Thanks for the quick reply, Bernhard.

Please find the buildroot and kernel configs attached, uclibc config is 
standard with buildroot latest revision for svn.

Greetz Joe

Hi Joe,
I have the same problem. Could you help me, please?

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