[Buildroot] Buildroot does not generates target image.

Чинков Андрей blackmesa at rambler.ru
Mon Nov 24 08:21:29 UTC 2008


I did these steps:

1) download buildroot-20081110.tar.bz2
2) unpack
3) cd ./buildroot
4) make menuconfig
4.1) Reset produce target JFFS2 image
4.2) Set Linux advanced configuration (set Alchemy Based Processor, 
Little Endian, vmlinux)
5) make all

So I have the following question:

1) .../buildroot/project_build_mipsel/uclibc/root - is it the root 
folder for target JFFS2 image ?

2) Could I invoke this command "mkfs.jffs2 -d 
.../buildroot/project_build_mipsel/uclibc/root -o MY_IMAGE_NAME 
--little-endian" to produce target JFFS2 image by hand?

3) If I goto 4.1 item and set produce target JFFS2 image flag then I get 
an error after Linux compiles: "No rule to make 'mtd-host'".
What does this error means? How to force BUILDROOT to produce target 
image (like JFFS2) ??


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