[Buildroot] --with-sysroot and --prefix in cross-gcc configure

Marcus Johansson macce.johansson at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 13:43:21 UTC 2008


I am using Buildroot just for building an arm-linux cross compiler running
on x86. I would like to have the sysroot being put somewhere below
$(prefix), so that the toolchain and sysroot can be fully portable, without
specifying --sysroot=<dir>. For instance, this is how the CodeSourcery
distribution works. However, in Buildroot, when running "arm-linux-gcc -v"
it appears that --prefix always is hardcoded to /usr. My --with-sysroot is
not below /usr (it happens to be below /opt, as there is where our projects
including Buildroot are built and stored), therefore my sysroot is not
relocateable (see section on --with-sysroot on

Is there some way I can configure prefix to be something else than /usr or
any other way to make the sysroot and executables relocateable?

I have been experimenting quite a bit with toolchain/gcc/gcc-uclibc-4.x.mk,
but cannot find any (good) way to make a change here.

Best Regards,
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