[Buildroot] rfs in ram and /usr in nand

errico at inwind.it errico at inwind.it
Wed Nov 5 13:58:09 UTC 2008


       I am new to the list and I am a new buildroot user.
I just started using buildroot and it's very usefull.
I am porting linux on a proprietary board based on ARM AT91sam9260.

I need some help to configure buildroot so that I will have a root file sistem on a ramdisk and the /usr directory in nand.
I need the jffs2 format so that I can program the nand with Atmel Sam-ba.
At the moment I am able to get from buildroot the rfs in 2 formats: ramdisk and jffs2.

How can I program the nand partition table?
I would like to get following 6 partitions:
- AT91boot
- uboot
- uboot env variables
- linux kernel
- ramdisk
- usr

Any help or hint is wellcome.

Thank you 


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