[Buildroot] Cross compiling SDL examples with buildroot

hartleys hartleys at visionengravers.com
Wed Nov 5 01:29:41 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I have just started looking at SDL and can't quite figure out how to get
the headers included. Hopefully someone can give me some pointers.

The main SDL library (./package/sdl) uses an older, none
Makefile.autotools based .mk file. In it the .compiled step has

		LDFLAGS="-L$(STAGING_DIR)/usr/lib" \

As part of the make process.

SDL_image (./package/sdl_image) on the other hand, is Makefile.autotools
based and has nothing special in the .mk

Just for completeness:

SDL_mixer (./package/sdl_mixer) -> older .mk, no INCLUDE= or LDFLAGS= in
the .complied step.
SDL_net (./package/sdl_net) -> Makefile.autotools based, nothing special
in the .mk
SDL_ttf (./package/sdl_ttf) -> older .mk, has this in the .compiled

		INCLUDE="-I$(STAGING_DIR)/usr/include/SDL" \
		LDFLAGS="-L$(STAGING_DIR)/usr/lib" \

The sdl_ttf.mk is the only one I get that "works" since it actually
includes the correct directory for the headers.

I tried creating a dummy package using an autotools based source tarball
and a Makefile.autotools type .mk. The config step finds:

checking for SDL - version >= 1.0.1... cross compiling; assumed OK...

So I would assume everything would work. But package but when it
compiles I get:

sdl.cpp:2:17: error: SDL.h: No such file or directory

Any ideas what I'm missing?


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