[Buildroot] sendto: Invalid argument

yongyew yongyew at actatek.com
Mon Nov 3 13:29:08 UTC 2008

Dear Peter,

thank for reply :)  I have found the problem.  I using the custom kernel 
2.6.13 but the kernel header is different from the standard kernel header.

my custom kernel which not using _NR_xxx . current solution is to 
manually point BR2 to custom kernel header which force uclibc to use 
__NR_socketcall.  Now have another problem is to make BR2 to support 
custom kernel without kernel header.

#if 0 /* reserve these for un-muxing socketcall */
#define __NR_socket                     (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+281)
#define __NR_bind                       (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+282)
#define __NR_connect                    (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+283)
#define __NR_listen                     (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+284)
#define __NR_accept                     (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+285)
#define __NR_getsockname                (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+286)
#define __NR_getpeername                (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+287)
#define __NR_socketpair                 (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+288)
#define __NR_send                       (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+289)
#define __NR_sendto                     (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+290)
#define __NR_recv                       (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+291)
#define __NR_recvfrom                   (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+292)
#define __NR_shutdown                   (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+293)
#define __NR_setsockopt                 (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+294)
#define __NR_getsockopt                 (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+295)
#define __NR_sendmsg                    (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+296)
#define __NR_recvmsg                    (__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+297)

Peter Korsgaard wrote:
>>>>>> "yongyew" == yongyew  <yongyew at actatek.com> writes:
>  yongyew> Dear all,
>  yongyew> I face same problem when i do the following ping
>  yongyew> PING ( 56 data bytes
>  yongyew> ping: sendto: Invalid argument
>  yongyew> My eth0 is already config with eth0 and lo using ifconfig.
>  yongyew> Do anyone have any idea what is the cause. 
> Not without more details about your setup.

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