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Arnar Mar Sigurðsson antab at valka.is
Sat Nov 1 13:46:11 UTC 2008

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> Just some comments:

>> +	bool "multiscreen"
>> +	default y

> I don't know what the multiscreen driver is about, sounds like multiple
> physical screens. Is this a common setup that you default to y here?

Multiscreen is for using more then one output driver yes, so you can use linuxfb and VNC at the same time (what i'm doing). Probably should have it default no.

>> +	bool "vxr41xx"

> vr41xx
Ah, damn typos;)

>> +	default n
> is not necessary in all the options
Is "default n" the default? Was not sure because i have seen other packages use "default n".

>> Modified: trunk/buildroot/package/qtopia4/qtopia4.mk
>> +### Mouse drivers

> MOUSE_QVFB is missing here.
Good catch, i added all the drivers listed in configure -help, but not using all of them so i cant test all. Still need to add the kbd driver list, will do that later on.

> I could also make a patch, but I wanted to clarify the multiscreen thing
> first.
Patches are welcome

> Markus

Arnar Mar Sig
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