[Buildroot] Debugging VICE emulator for AVR32

John Voltz john.voltz at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 01:44:05 UTC 2008


For some time now, I have been trying to debug the VICE emulator in
buildroot. There seems to be a problem with uClibc 0.9.29. VICE will not
start on x86 or on AVR32, but it would run in the past on uClibc 0.9.28. In
fact, the old binary of VICE that I built for 0.9.28 will run with 0.9.29. I
find that strange. I'm hoping someone can help me make sense of the gdb
info. Here is where the segfault occurs immediately after starting VICE on

    0x2ada63d4    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer>:            pushm r4-r7,lr
-    0x2ada63d6    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+2>:        lddpc
r6,0x2ada63f0 <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+28>
-    0x2ada63d8    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+4>:        rsub r6,pc
-    0x2ada63da    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+6>:        mov r8,18
-    0x2ada63de    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+10>:        ld.w
-    0x2ada63e2    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+14>:        ld.w r8,r8[172]
-    0x2ada63e6    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+18>:        cp.w r8,0
-    0x2ada63e8    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+20>:        breq 0x2ada63ec
-    0x2ada63ea    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+22>:        icall r8
-    0x2ada63ec    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+24>:        popm r4-r7,pc
-    0x2ada63ee    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+26>:        add r0,r0
-    0x2ada63f0    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+28>:        *unknown*
-    0x2ada63f2    <_pthread_cleanup_push_defer+30>:        breq 0x2ada6482

Register contents:
r0    {0x0}
r1    {0x2adddffc}
r2    {0x2adde000}
r3    {0x2adddff8}
r4    {0x7fc6b688}
r5    {0x0}
r6    {0x2ada9f58}
r7    {0x2add82e0}
r8    {0x2ada63d4}
r9    {0x0}
r10    {0x2adab600}
r11    {0x2ada6338}
r12    {0x7fc6b64c}
sp    {0x7fa6e010}
lr    {0x2ada63ec}
pc    {0x2ada63d4}
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