[Buildroot] svncommit: trunk/buildroot/toolchain/external-toolchain

Ulf Samuelsson ulf.samuelsson at atmel.com
Wed Jun 18 05:03:24 UTC 2008

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 03:45:04PM +0200, Peter Korsgaard wrote:
>>  Hamish> Well I've got one board ("tools", in
>>  Hamish> local/tools/tools.config) to build the toolchain which I
>>  then Hamish> use as external toolchain to build several other
>>  boards (all Hamish> armeb-linux-uclibcgnu). So my toolchain lives
>>  in the staging Hamish> directory in the same tree.
>> So they all put libraries / headers in the same staging_dir? Doesn't
> Yes.
>> that give problems with packages detecting optional stuff at compile
>> time that might not be available for a specific variant (E.G. one
>> variant has expat, and another doesn't - Some configure script checks
>> for expat and finds it in staging_dir even though it isn't going to
>> be there at runtime).
> Good point. So far all my boards are very similar so this hasn't been
> a problem, but that won't always be the case.
> IMHO this is a flaw of the project support - everything should be
> built into a project-specific directory. Currently only the kernel
> and busybox are built in project_build_$arch.
> How would everyone react to a patch which redefines BUILD_DIR to match
> PROJECT_BUILD_DIR, ie each project would have
> project_build_$arch/$project/staging_dir etc?

No, then you might as well use several buildroot trees.

> I think Ulf commented in the past that he doesn't want to waste the
> time spent compiling each package for each board separately, but that
> seems to be the only way to do it correctly.

You have to be aware of the limitations, that's for sure.
There are a number of packages which can only be built one way
and they can reside in build_<arch>, packages which have different
options needs to be built in project_build_<arch>

> Hamish

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