[Buildroot] undefined macro: AM_PROG_LIBTOOL (buildroot failure)

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at uclibc.org
Fri Jun 13 08:49:50 UTC 2008

>>>>> "Ram" == Ram kumar <ramkumar.research at gmail.com> writes:

 Ram> hi,

 Ram>      Iam trying to build a development environment using
 Ram> buildroot for my atmel eval kit (AT91SAM9260 ek).I follow the
 Ram> instruaction in the website http://
 Ram> www.linux4sam.org/twiki/bin/view/Linux4SAM/BuildRoot. But my
 Ram> buildroot fails when it is trying to build libusb.

 Ram> First the buildroot throws 404 file not found error since
 Ram> http://ftp.debian.org /pool/main/libu/libusb/ doesn't have
 Ram> libusb_0.1.12-9.diff.gz which buildroot looks for......so i
 Ram> edited the /buildroot/package/libusb/libusb.mk file to download
 Ram> libusb_0.1.12-11.diff.gz which is present in the FTP server.

libusb missed a dependency on host-libtool and patch version bumped.
Fixed in r22311-r22313.

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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