[Buildroot] Still no answer for a contribution made in March

sjhill at realitydiluted.com sjhill at realitydiluted.com
Thu Jun 12 16:28:56 UTC 2008

> To make an informed decision, everyone ought to read this:
> http://git.or.cz/gitwiki/GitSvnComparsion
I did. First, I would like to add a caveat to the Git page:

Git's Major Features Over Subversion
- Performance (Speed of Operation)
  Yes, as long as you have GBs of memory.


Subversion's Major Features Over Git
- Single Repository
- Access Controls
- Binary Files

These three items are important with regards to the buildroot system.
Another point brought up is that other projects like uClibc and the
like use Subversion as well, which is another reason I would like to
stay with what we have. As a maintainer and contributer, I recommend
we end this thread and get back to worry about doing releases of


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