[Buildroot] U-boot and nand flash

Teemu Keskinarkaus Teemu.Keskinarkaus at cc-systems.com
Wed Jun 11 10:14:52 UTC 2008



I have used buildroot to generate bootstrap, u-boot, kernel and rootfs
for at91sam9263ek evaluation board. Everything works pretty much okay,
but there are couple problems.


First, for some reason, u-boot can read NAND flash, but can't erase nor
write it. It is identified ok at boot. Or it can erase it at least in
some part, but keeps printing errors along the way. Write won't work at
all. I'm not sure this is correct mailing list for this, but since the
u-boot is not standard I'm trying here. The U-boot version I'm using is
1.2.0-atmel with atmel patch in it. I tried to lengthen the pulse times
from u-boot configuration file, but that did make any difference. Any
idea what might cause this?


I tried with pre build binary of u-boot 1.1.5 and it seems that nand
handling is working there just fine. At least I was able to erase nand
without problems.


Second problem is that I've been trying to save my configuration to
target specific directory so that I could recreate the buildroot without
needing to manually configure it again. So far I've been able to get
everything else there except configuration for busybox and uClibc. For
some reason, buildroot wants to use busybox-1.6.0.config although I have
configured it to use busybox-1.10.3. So correct sources are used, but
config is old. There were default config for 1.10.x  marked to be same
as 1.6.0 in package/busybox/Config.in. I fixed that, but that didn't
help anything and it seems to be used only if no other configuration
file is available. I wasn't able to find where the other reference to
1.6.0 is. The configuration file is looked at the right directory, but
the version is wrong. Current quick and dirty 'fix' I have is to have
sym-link from busybox-1.6.0.config pointing to busybox-1.10.3.config.


And for the uClibc config. It seem that there are no target specific way
to configure uClibc, Only system wide? I'm using daily snapshot from
May.  When I debugged 

the making uClibc it seems that only place where the configuration is
checked is from toolchain/uClibc. This is not that big of a deal since
it's highly unlikely that I would use that buildroot with another
target. It just that now I have to spread the configuration files here
and there.



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