[Buildroot] VFP vs FPA troubles

Christopher Taylor chtaylo3 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 23:57:53 UTC 2008

Ok, I've done a bit more digging around and it looks like the problem
I'm having is that I'm compiling buildroot for little-endian with
softfloats. This defaults to FPA which puts doubles in native endian
byte ordering but big-endian word ordering.  Somehow the previous
developer got this to build using VFP (as evidenced by the ordering of
doubles as they were fwritten to a file).

My questions:

1) Should there be a preference VFP vs FPA?
2) Which is more common?
3) Even though he was using gcc 3.4.6 and I'm now using gcc 4.2.1, I
don't see anything in the old buildroot .config file that specifies
"--with-float=softfp --with-fpu=vfp"  So why on earth is this

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


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