[Buildroot] How does an offline build work?

Arun Reddy reddyac at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 20:44:56 UTC 2008

I was curious as to how an offline build works.

When I first starting using Buildroot, I downloaded a snapshot for that day.
As I used that same snapshot for about a month, I would run into different
Buildroot issues, which came up whenever new changes were implemented. I
assumed that whenever I typed "make" Buildroot is automatically being
updated with those changes which could be affecting certain things.

I am now using Subversion access so I can update the source tree whenever I
want, but if I were to go back to using the Buildroot snapshot image, will
doing an offline build "make source" allow me to do a build without
Buildroot being updated? Or is it just a way for all the files, packages,
etc, to be downloaded first so that I can continue the build in a place
where I do not have network access?

Could someone clarify this? The Buildroot documentation doesn't have a
detailed explanation on how the offline build is supposed to work. Thank
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