[Buildroot] GIT or SVN

Hinko Kocevar hinko.kocevar at cetrtapot.si
Fri Jun 20 08:40:22 UTC 2008

Bernhard Fischer wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 09:09:00PM +0200, Peter Korsgaard wrote:
>>>>>>> "Hinko" == Hinko Kocevar <hinko.kocevar at cetrtapot.si> writes:
>> Hinko> Hello,
>> Hinko> I'm new to the uclibc buildroot. I've noticed that there are
>> Hinko> two repositories: GIT and SVN. GIT looks more up2date. Is GIT
>> Hinko> the tree to use?
>> It depends ;) Bernhards git tree is more uptodate regarding toolchain,
>> but the svn tree has more/newer packages and more developers.
> Exactly. I basically ignore packages completely, apart from the, let's
> say 5-10 that i actually use or find useful.

I've been looking for recent gcc for the cris arch as I was seeing gcc internal errors when compiling kernel or openssl source with gcc 4.2.3 or 4.2.4.
With gcc 4.3.1 gcc internal errors went away, so I'm really glad I found the GIT tree!

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