[Buildroot] C++ libraries are not installed on target

Teemu Keskinarkaus Teemu.Keskinarkaus at cc-systems.com
Tue Jul 29 04:28:06 UTC 2008

So far I have made all my programs in C and it's been working ok. The
target is Atmel AT91SAM9263ek based board. Buildroot is taken from svn
little over month ago.


Now I have tried to make C++ program and it compiles ok, but when I try
to run it on target, it complains about not be able to load library
'libstdc++.so.6'. I checked and it's not there, but it's on buildroot
staging_dir so it has been build, but not copied to unit's filesystem. 


In menuconfig I have Toolchain -> Build/install C++ compiler and
libcstdc++ checked. What else I need to get C++ libraries to be copied
to unit's filesystem?


I was able get program compiled/working when statically linking the
libraries, but that's not a real solution and program size went from
53kB to 888kB.



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