[Buildroot] buildroot size ballooned

Nathanael D. Noblet nathanael at gnat.ca
Wed Jul 16 03:52:10 UTC 2008

Joseph G. Boike wrote:
> Hi, my buildroot filesize had been around 3-4M (w/ r 22508)
> With r 225765 and building using at91sam9260dfc_defconfig the filesize 
> has jumped to ~14M.
> Any thoughts on why?
> (I have kernel 2.6.26 now.  The kernel size has been fairly consistent 
> around 1.5M.)

No idea, but a clarification, are you talking about buildroot's 
outputted final rootfs, or buildroot project in svn?

Nathanael d. Noblet
Gnat Solutions, Inc
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