[Buildroot] Simple buildroot question

Leonardo Giordano lgiordano at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 13:01:47 UTC 2008

Hi everybody,
I have compiled a toolchain using buildroot without trouble. I am 
testing it with qemu using:
qemu -hda rootfs.i386.ext2 -kernel linux-kernel- -append 
and it works fine.
Now, I am trying to copy it to a compact flash to test it in my target 
hardware (a small pc, which can boots from CF, for instance with DOS). 
Then, I have the following quesitons:
1) How/what should I copy to the CF?
I created just one partition on CF, and then I did:
dd if=rootfs.i386.ext2 of=/dev/sdb1
where /dev/sdb1 is the partition on CF.
Then when I mount it, I can see the file system has been copied.
Is that ok?

2) Make it bootable
When I try to boot from it, it doesn't. It makes sense because I haven't 
installed a bootloader. Then I checked the 'grub' option at menuconfig 
from buildroot and re-build it fine. However I dont know how to make 
grub work (who writes the MBR?). Maybe this is a grub question, but I am 
sure someone in this mailing list can help.

I am not a linux expert, so maybe the solution is just there but I can't 
see it!

Anyway, my congratulations to the buildroot team.

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