[Buildroot] Patch target/linux/Makefile.in.advanced

Brian Beattie beattie at beattie-home.net
Sat Jul 12 15:02:17 UTC 2008

The included patch adds the linux26-force target to
target/linux/Makefile.in.advanced like it was added to
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--------------------- patch -------------------------------
Index: target/linux/Makefile.in.advanced
--- target/linux/Makefile.in.advanced	(revision 22802)
+++ target/linux/Makefile.in.advanced	(working copy)
@@ -454,6 +454,10 @@
 	cp -dpf $(LINUX26_DIR)/.config $(LINUX26_KCONFIG)
+# force rebuild
+	 touch $(LINUX26_DIR)/.configured
 # This has been renamed so we do _NOT_ by default run this on 'make
 	rm -f $(LINUX26_KERNEL) $(LINUX26_DIR)/.configured

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