[Buildroot] microcom

Joseph G. Boike joe.boike at acsatlanta.com
Fri Jul 11 02:59:03 UTC 2008

I'm trying to use microcom (the busybox version) to test a gadget serial 
interface on an at91sam9260 board.
gadget serial was compiled into the kernel w/ USE_ACM=1.  I can "cat 
some_text_file > /dev/ttygserial" and the contents of the text file show 
up on my laptop running hyperterm w/ windows xp.  So I think the link is 
ok.  But if I do "microcom /dev/ttygserial" the whole board seems to 
hang.  I haven't found anything short of cycling power to get the board 
responding.  (Granted I'm using a serial console so once the program 
starts I can't just kill it from another terminal window.)
Any suggestions?

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