[Buildroot] Ncurses install problem

hartleys hartleys at visionengravers.com
Tue Jul 1 17:21:56 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I just did a clean (make package_name-dirclean) on my buildroot setup
and started a make. Everything goes along fine until it gets to the:

$(TARGET_DIR)/lib/libncurses.so.$(NCURSES_VERSION): ...

Section of ncurses.mk. A couple lines down in that section there is a:

	ln -sf /usr/share/terminfo $(TARGET_DIR)/usr/lib/terminfo

On that line I get the following during the make:

ln -sf /usr/share/terminfo
ln: creating symbolic link
fo' to `/usr/share/terminfo': Permission deined
Make: ***
.so.5.6] Error 1

I'm not sure what changed but everything was working fine before I did
the -dirclean.

Any ideas why the link is failing?


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