[Buildroot] avr32: no selection for Binutils version

Bernhard Gödel bernhard.goedel at gmx.at
Tue Dec 23 10:29:28 UTC 2008


I'm new to embedded Linux, so I want to apologize for stupid questions 
in advance. :-)

I've bought the Atmel NGW100 featuring an AVR32 AP7000. Now I'm 
following the instructions given in the book 'Building embedded Linux 
Systems' (O'Reilly) to build a Linux system for this platform from scratch.

Therefore I've downloaded the package 
(which points to 
currently) in order to build the tool chain.

I used 'make menuconfig' to enter the configuration for my target but 
I've encountered a problem here. After selecting 'AVR32' as target 
architecture, I cannot select any Binutils Version from the 'Toolchain' 

I've downloaded an older version 
which offers Binutils 2.17 for AVR32.

Is this a bug in the newest buildroot package?
I didn't find the location where the available versions are stored, so I 
couldn't patch it myself...


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