[Buildroot] u-boot and at91bootstrap NAND flash options

Matt Wood mattwood2000 at gmx.net
Fri Dec 19 16:59:59 UTC 2008

Hi guys, is there any specific reason why buildroot does not have options in the menuconfig to compile u-boot with NAND flash support for the AT91SAM9xxx devices?  I know that NAND support does not function for the RevA SAM9260, SAM9263, and the SAM9261, but Rev B has been out for a while for the first two and I think it would be nice to see the options in buildroot instead of having to build manually or download the pre-built binaries from www.linux4sam.org.  

Also, the NAND flash option for at91bootstrap does not work.  The NAND code is missing.  I know that at91bootstrap-1.9 (found here:  ftp://www.linux4sam.org/pub/at91bootstrap/) has fully functional NAND support - any reason why this has not been integrated into the buildroot at91bootstrap?

Thanks, Matt.
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