[Buildroot] Issue with login

theHog lists at t3i.nl
Tue Dec 16 23:43:04 UTC 2008


I built a rootfs using buildroot and mounted it over nfs on a Atmel  
ARM9 board. The
boards boots OK, but when it gets to the login prompt, logging in doesn't
seem to work. The login prompt appears again after I type the name and

I checked various thing:
- permissions on files seems OK,
- /etc/securetty contains ttyS0 (only way for now to get in),
- the password itself in /etc/passwd,
- login, sh and getty binaries are in place.

I have access to the /var/log/messages file since the root fs is mounted from
nfs. It just repeats the following for every login attempt:
Dec 31 17:27:53 eddy auth.info login[716]: root login on 'ttyS0'
Dec 31 17:27:53 eddy daemon.info init: process '/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 115200
vt100' (pid 716) exited. Scheduling for restart.
Dec 31 17:27:53 eddy daemon.info init: starting pid 717, tty '/dev/ttyS0':
'/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 115200 vt100'

I used a pretty out-of-the-box config for buildroot (it's attached). What
could be wrong here?



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