[Buildroot] uClibc, gcc get rebuilt on every make

Patrick McNeil patrick at phidgets.com
Tue Dec 9 17:23:13 UTC 2008

I'm using svn24232, arm920t, with gcc and headers on the target. Every  
time I run make, even if I haven't made any changes, the cross  
compiler toolchain, as well as the target gcc, and uClibc gets  
rebuilt, taking about half an hour. Any ideas what this is depending  
on? I know that buildroot from a few months ago did not do this.

Also, what is the proper way to rebuild root if I have changed  
something - ie changed files in target_skeleton, updates something in  
a package directory, etc.? Right now I run this script and it seems to  
work ok. If I don't delete /root and .root, the system doesn't seem to  
realize that things have changed.


[ -e project_build_arm/phidget_sbc/.root ] && {
	echo "Removing Root..."
	rm -rf project_build_arm/phidget_sbc/root/
	rm project_build_arm/phidget_sbc/.root
[ -e build_arm/webif-0.2/.built ] && {
	echo "Removing webif..."
	rm build_arm/webif-0.2/.built
for stamp in $( find build_arm/ | grep .stamp_staging_installed ); do
	echo "Removing $stamp..."
	rm $stamp
for stamp in $( find project_build_arm/phidget_sbc/autotools-stamps - 
type f ); do
	echo "Removing $stamp..."
	rm $stamp

Patrick McNeil
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patrick at phidgets.com | www.phidgets.com
There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third works.
-Alan J. Perlis

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