[Buildroot] [PATCH] make the default etc/init.d/S40network compatible with msh

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at uclibc.org
Tue Dec 9 09:00:36 UTC 2008

>>>>> "Nicolas" == Nicolas Pitre <nico at cam.org> writes:


 >> A lot of the other startup scripts (dbus, dropbear, hal,
 >> mdnsresponder, ..) also use functions, but I take it those aren't
 >> relevant for uclinux?

 Nicolas> I didn't use those, except for dropbear which startup script
 Nicolas> I modified as well (to only create the initial host keys
 Nicolas> since the dropbear server is otherwise started through
 Nicolas> inetd).


 >> It would btw be handy if you could create your patches with one more
 >> level, so I can apply them with git-am without having to remember to
 >> add -p 0.

 Nicolas> True indeed.  I generated those patches with svn diff, and
 Nicolas> being so used to git I forgot that other systems have
 Nicolas> different defaults.

 Nicolas> Now what about the 10 or so other patches I posted?  Will
 Nicolas> they get merged?  I have more patches to post but I wanted
 Nicolas> to see what was going to happen with this lot first.

I haven't gotten around to look at them yet. I will sooner or later,
but I'm afraid I cannot give you any guarantees regarding time frame.

The other developers are more than welcome to assist.

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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