[Buildroot] How do I use buildroot to create a build process for my board design

Tim Barr tbarr at multitech.com
Mon Dec 8 17:59:01 UTC 2008

I have a board design that is a modified version of the Atmel 9g20EK. I
had to change some pin definitions which means the board-sam9g20ek.c
file will be slightly different from the one supplied with the kernel.
There are also some config file changes as well. What I need to do is to
be able to supply these changes to someone else so that they can
successfully compile a kernel for my board, using buildroot. Looking at
the main config file in buildroot, it looks like there is a way to apply
additional patches to the kernel after the at91 patch
(BR2_LINUX_BSP_PATCH). Is this a good way to set up buildroot for this
Timothy Barr
Hardware Development Engineer
for Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
 <mailto:tbarr at multitech.com> tbarr at multitech.com

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