[Buildroot] gcc with static gmp & mpfr

Hinko Kocevar hinko.kocevar at cetrtapot.si
Wed Dec 3 09:33:28 UTC 2008


I want to build a toolchain that is possible to move between different machines (under the same folder /usr/local/cris-uclibc). When using '-lm' to link final application binary I encountered problems about missing gmp and/or mpfr missing symbols!? Also each target machine that want to use the toolchain needs to provide their own libgmp and libmpfr..

Is there a simple way of forcing gcc to use only static gmp and mpfr libraries?

Note, I've changed '--enable-shared' -> '--disable-shared' in both packages, but I've broke dependencies on shared objects that their makefiles rely on, causing recompilation of gmp and mpfr for every make invocation.

Thank you,
Hinko Kočevar, OSS developer
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