[Buildroot] Problem with jffs2 image creation.

Tiago Maluta maluta_tiago at yahoo.com.br
Tue Dec 2 14:00:02 UTC 2008

> I am new to the list. I built a custom electronic board
> based on an 
> atmel AT91SAM9260 processor.
> I successfully finished a complete buildroot build, but I
> have a problem.
> The generated jffs2 image of the root filesystem is
> incorrect, in fact 
> the dev directory is not populated, thus I have this
> message after the 
> linux kernel has mounted the filesystem : "Unable to
> open an initial 
> console"
> I tried the ext2 image in my board, it works correctly. But
> I absolutely 
> need to use jffs2 because my filesystem is in a Nand flash.

You mean when you use an ext2 image (just changing from buildroot config) they create necessary files on /dev?

Send your config file.

Tiago Maluta.


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