[Buildroot] PATCH [1/2] try2: make Makefile.autotools.in not to use hardcoded x11r7 name when patching

Ivan Kuten ivan.kuten at promwad.com
Fri Sep 28 23:51:28 UTC 2007

Bernhard Fischer пишет:
> One nice example that, if it is handled properly by the autotools.in is
> package/gmp or mpfr for that matter.
> This package shows nicely what the autotools.in should provide in the
> long run:
> - downloading a PATCH_FILE to the dl/
> - patching package/$name/$name$version
>   or 
>   patching package/$name/$version
>   or 
>   patching package/$name/$($(name)_patch_regex)
>   or the like
> - in configure, honor PREFERRED_LIB_FLAGS et al
> - $(STRIP) the target, perhaps. Distinguish between binaries and libs
> - optionally install headers if BR2_HAVE_HEADERS
> - package-specific additional {C,LD,CPP,...}FLAGS
> - package-specific additional configure-opts
> - knowledge if both staging and target or only one of these should be
>   populated with libs/binaries

I'll try to follow this but a bit later, now my priority is  directfb/x11r7/gtk+ running on ARM.
I'll post a bunch of patches related to selecting gtk+ depends on directfb or on x11r7.

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