[Buildroot] Building with kernel-headers 2.4.25 fails

David Schueler webmaster at smsjava.de
Fri Sep 28 10:14:37 UTC 2007

Hello list!

I'm new to buildroot and want to use it to compile some applications for
an embedded arm device which is using uClibc 0.9.26 and kernel 2.4.26.

Now i want to compile openvpn for that target, but since a couple of
days buildroot isn't supporting kernel 2.4.x anymore. The compile
process stops at:
make: *** No rule to make target
'/home/crossdev/buildroot/dl/linux-2.4.25.tar.bz2', needed by


Will it ever be possible to compile kernel 2.4.x or is it removed until
now and will never come back into buildroot?
Or is there another - better - way to compile the toolchain and openvpn
for my emmbedded target?

Sorry, but i'm a really novice user in cross compiling.

Thanks for any suggentions.


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