[Buildroot] C Compiler cannot create executables

Alexander Kriegisch Alexander at Kriegisch.name
Thu Sep 27 11:23:52 UTC 2007

Posting a bit of log output would be helpful, so here is just an
educated guess: I sometimes get errors like this if there is something
wrong with my build prerequisites or with ccache. Usually it helps to
issue a manual recompile of your build prerequisites (e.g. libs your
package depends on) in order for the "compiler cannot create
executables" thing to disappear.

Alexander Kriegisch

Ignacio Lorenzo Subirá Otal:
> Hi!, I'm having this error while making a make in buildroot and I don't
> know why because I have been using gcc to compile several other programs
> and works fine for me.
> What can I do to avoid this error?.

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