[Buildroot] Buildroot for at91rm9200df

Leonid Leonid at a-k-a.net
Wed Sep 26 13:54:15 UTC 2007

Hi, Ulf:

Thanks a lot for your reply. Meanwhile I made some progress and have
found that my busybox-xxx.config file was empty - naturally, busybox
applets were not installed!

So, this problem is over, filesystem is fully populated. However it
didn't work yet when I NFS there - no console output. I have found that
devices in /dev directory have not been created properly (they don't
look as device nodes). See tty0 entry for example:

# ls -al /dev/tty*
-rw-rw-rw-    1 501      leonid          0 Sep 25  2007 /dev/tty
-rw-rw-rw-    1 501      leonid          0 Sep 25  2007 /dev/tty0

In filesystem which I have built from your buildroot (and which works)
situation is quite different:

crw-rw----    1 root     root       4,   0 Dec 31 17:00 tty0

So, I have some problem while creating devices. I will look into that
but let me know if you see the root cause right away.



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tis 2007-09-25 klockan 16:53 -0700 skrev Leonid:
> Hi, Ulf:
> Your buildroot from at91 site is working nice, but I couldn't build
> this target when I checked out yesterday daily snapshot. I tried to
> your at91rm9200df.config as a reference, had to add some defines (like
> BR2_STRIP_strip) but looks like it still lacks something (I have
> attached it) - builds stops without visible failures yet filesystem is
> not completely built. For example, there are no all these system
> utilites (like ls, rm, cd, etc... Which are actually busybox applets).
> Busybox executable gets created but is not copied into root
> filesystem... Some misconfiguration I guess.
> Do you have config file for this target which will work with latest
> buildroot or config file is not enough and some additional "massaging"
> is required (you run project/config/conf for example in your
> Or this target is not supported by simple way by latest buildroot?

It was some time since I looked at the AT91RM9200DF board,
so things might have happened.
I will see If I cen get time to retest.

> Thanks,
> Leonid.

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