[Buildroot] Several issues with building multiple "projects" for same architecture

Bernhard Fischer rep.dot.nop at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 17:33:13 UTC 2007

On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 at 10:55:49AM -0500, Jonathan Nalley wrote:
>I am using the buildroot to build for several different boards, some of them
>have the same CPU architecture (PPC405GP/EP).  I have noticed some issues
>with the "project" concept in the buildroot.  Since the builds are for the
>same architecture the toolchain is created under "build_powerpc".
>Everything works fine for the first board, but for subsequent builds for
>different "project" names things are missing under
>"project_build_powerpc/PROJECT_NAME/root".  Specifically:
>This is because the make files that install those files check for:

I've fixed at least the ethtool case several weeks ago in

As you can see, the project idea was never really integrated properly

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