[Buildroot] Dataflash rootfs problems (still)

Jorge S. jorgesolla at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 16:20:11 UTC 2007

Hello all:

I've sucessfully built  several root filesystems  for my custom board
(AT91RM9200 + 8MiB DataFlash),  but  now  i'm facing a  strange problem.

I'm using a JFFS2 filesystem on an MTD partition into the DataFlash, my
rootfs boots OK, but ONLY for the first time. See steps:

1) Create a rootfs JFFS2 image using buildroot -> OK
2) Erase entire flash partition: I boot from an initrd containing mtd-tools
for this purpouse. -> OK
3) Dump the rootfs image "rootfs.jffs2" into the Dataflash (i use loadb from
u-boot here...) -> OK
4) Boot the system... -> OK
5) Login and issue a simple reboot, no other commands...nothing else.... ->

After the reboot at step "5" the system comes again, but now when is press
BACKSPACE it writes a space, and if i try to add a user or change the root
i always get a "/etc/passwd" not found.

So i have (at least) 2 weird issues here:

1) Why my backspace key sends a space, but really deletes a character?!?! It
worked fine for the 1st boot
2) Why "adduser" and "passwd" utilities are unable to access /etc files?
I'have TRIPLE checked read/write permissions...everything is ok. Of course
it works fine if i do this on the 1st boot!

Any idea?!

Thanks in advance.
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