[Buildroot] MIPS Crosstoolchain for MIPS24K with dsp amd 24k compiler options

sathesh babu sathesh_edara2003 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Oct 20 08:07:07 UTC 2007

  I would like to build cross toolchain for MIPS24K processor with "-mdsp" and
   "-m24k" compile flag options for linux- kernel.
  I tried with below combinations of
  - GCC-4.2.1,GCC-4.0.1, GCC-4.1.0
  - binutils-2.15, binutil-2.17,binutil-2.18 
  -  uClibc-0.9.27 
  but i couldn't succeed any of the above combinations.
  I checked the mailing list and it is mentioned that GCC-4.2.x version of gcc has problems.
  Could you please guide me the, the exact versions of
   - GCC 
   - binutils
   - ucLibc
  to be used to build toolchain with "-mdsp" and "-m24k" compiler options for linux- kernel version.

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