[Buildroot] svn At revision 20289 breakage

Ulf Samuelsson ulf at atmel.com
Fri Oct 19 08:35:11 UTC 2007

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> Babarovic Ivica wrote:
>> Ulf Samuelsson wrote:
>>> It is always the case that you have to provide a ".config" file for
>>> linux.
>>> For some lucky souls Buildroot will do it for you.
>>> This is when there is an appropriate definition somewhere in the
>>> target directory,
>>> and if you have supplied the right kernel.
>> Well, I guess I was lucky until now. I never provided any kernel or
>> .config files.
>> I still fail to see why this is important for buildroot build. Kernel
>> headers?
>> I have a .config file from a kernel I build. Should I put that into
>> buildroot process?
>> What differences would it make?
>>> For some unlucky souls, they now have an option to start a "make 
>>> xconfig"
>>> to get a window allowing them to configure things instead of having a
>>> failed build.
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> As for me, I'm not using building kernel in buildroot - I'm building it 
> separately.
> And with recent changes made by Ulf, we have only to regenerate our 
> .config buildroot config
> and to select Kernel -> "none". And I have buildroot build OK again.
> The only thing that Ulf forget to warn people that if they have old 
> buildroot .config
> they must regenerate it and select kernel .config or kernel none , 
> otherwise you will get that error
> messages when doing cp.

It was Bernhard which introduced the new kernel selection so dont blame me.

The old way of building the kernel really suck, so I understand why you 
build it separately.

I added the Advanced Kernel Configuration last week to fix those problems.
You can select any 2.6.x.y kernel.
You can add -rc# patches, -mm# patches and your own proprietary patch which 
is located in $(DL_DIR)
You can select easily zImage,bzImage, uImage, vmlinux (proprietary).
    It would be good if you gave that one a try and provide feedback on any 
drawbacks you see.

> Best regards,
> Ivan

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