[Buildroot] AVR32 4.1.2 toolchain build issues [was svncommit:trunk/buildroot: target/device target/device/Atmel targetetc...]

Ulf Samuelsson ulf at atmel.com
Tue Oct 16 05:36:32 UTC 2007

> Ok.... got it to build... it happens to be that atngw100_defconfig now
> builds to a dir without nofp sufix, which makes me wonder if ppl have
> decided weather this thing has or doesn't has an FP, perhaps it's a
> paradox, or a dogma. You just have to belive it works. *smile*
> Anyway, disabled libdaemon, which I never use anyway, and now I get
> the uboot issue as well.... but at least I can work now. It should be
> easily enough to pull uboot from the Atmel AVR32 fork and figure out
> what's wrong. Dealing with packages is so much easier.
> Btw, is there a reason why u-boot is buried into Atmel folder?
> Shouldn't other archs/chips use it as well?

It is not the mainstream U-Boot tree.
It is a prepatched U-boot to support the AT91 series and should support the 
AVR32 as well.
The AVR32 Buildroot at www.atmel.no/buildroot is a more up to date version 

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