[Buildroot] Curl package cannot be downloaded

Jack Schmidt buildroot at mowsey.org
Mon Oct 15 15:51:05 UTC 2007

Howdy, I tried using buildroot to make an image with some fancier 
applications like curl and xsltproc, but ran into trouble.  The curl 
trouble seems pretty clearcut (the libxml2 stuff is some path problem).

The curl package tries to download a fairly old version of curl and that 
version is no longer at the download page.  Much newer versions are 
available, and I think they fix some of the security problems patched 
manually.  However, some manual patches seem to still be needed, but do 
not apply cleanly.

I wasn't sure exactly which way to help: find an alternate source of 
ancient curl, find the oldest curl available at the official source, or 
update the patches for the latest curl.

In general, should I expect the packages to "just work" or should I 
expect buildroot to give me hints at building, and do a lot of the build 

I don't want to report bugs in 20 packages, if these are the minor sorts 
of issues we are expected to work out.  Last time I tried buildroot, 
virtually everything but the core was broken, but the core worked 
amazingly great and any package I wanted to use was just ./configure && 
make && make install.

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