[Buildroot] "genext2fs: couldn't allocate a block (no free space)" error

Saurav Kumar Barik sauravb at aztecsoft.com
Fri Oct 12 13:22:59 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I am getting "genext2fs: couldn't allocate a block (no free space)"
error when building ramdisk.

My setup is :
		GW SDK 0.7

Earlier when my target file system size was less(could fit into 8Mb
ramdisk), I could build and successfully load onto target.
Now I added some more packages to the build and I believe the intended
target file system size has exceeded the 8 Mb(ramdisk) limits of
genext2fs utility.

AFAIK genext2fs is capable of generating file system of size 8Mb.
There is a patch available for extending it to 16Mb, but the patch is
for genext2fs-1.3.
I am using genext2fs-1.4.

Moreover I tried creating the ramdisk manually with the following steps,
but I got Kernel Panic while booting.

dd if=/dev/zero of=ramdisk bs=1024 count=16384

mke2fs -b 1024 -m 0 -F ramdisk

mount -o loop ramdisk /mnt/

cp -a root/* /mnt/.

umount /mnt/

gzip -9 -f ramdisk

Could anybody suggest me how to successfully create a ramdisk of size
16Mb, so that my target file system (which is greater than 8Mb) can fit
into that.

Thanks for your time.

Thanks & Regards,

Build failure logs ---

/home/sauravb/2.2trunk/trunk/buildroot# make ramdisk
if [ ! -e
"/home/sauravb/2.2trunk/trunk/buildroot/toolchain_build_armeb/bin/sed" ]
; then \
                mkdir -p
"/home/sauravb/2.2trunk/trunk/buildroot/toolchain_build_armeb/bin"; \
                rm -f
                ln -sf "/bin/sed"

Checking build system dependencies:
CC clean:                                       Ok
CXX clean:                                      Ok
CPP clean:                                      Ok
CFLAGS clean:                                   Ok
INCLUDES clean:                                 Ok
CXXFLAGS clean:                                 Ok
which installed:                                Ok
sed works:                                      Ok (/bin/sed)
GNU make version '3.81':                        Ok
C compiler '/usr/bin/gcc'
C compiler version '4.1.2':                     Ok
C++ compiler '/usr/bin/c++'
C++ compiler version '4.1.2':                   Ok
bison installed:                                Ok
flex installed:                                 Ok
gettext installed:                              Ok
makeinfo installed:                             Ok
Build system dependencies:                      Ok

/sbin/ldconfig -r
/home/sauravb/2.2trunk/trunk/buildroot/build_armeb/root 2>/dev/null
# Use fakeroot to pretend all target binaries are owned by root
rm -f /opt/arm-toolchain/_fakeroot.ramdisk
touch /opt/arm-toolchain/.fakeroot.00000
cat /opt/arm-toolchain/.fakeroot* > /opt/arm-toolchain/_fakeroot.ramdisk
echo "chown -R 0:0
/home/sauravb/2.2trunk/trunk/buildroot/build_armeb/root" >>
# Use fakeroot to pretend to create all needed device nodes
echo "/opt/arm-toolchain/bin/makedevs -d target/generic/device_table.txt
/home/sauravb/2.2trunk/trunk/buildroot/build_armeb/root" \
                >> /opt/arm-toolchain/_fakeroot.ramdisk
# Use fakeroot so genext2fs believes the previous fakery
2fs -d /home/sauravb/2.2trunk/trunk/buildroot/build_armeb/root " \
                " -U -b 8192 -N 800 -m 0 ramdisk" >>
chmod a+x /opt/arm-toolchain/_fakeroot.ramdisk
/opt/arm-toolchain/usr/bin/fakeroot --
number of inodes too low, increasing to 820
fs: couldn't allocate a block (no free space)
make: *** [ramdisk] Error 1

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