[Buildroot] Mmap failure: Value too large for defined data type

Leonid Leonid at a-k-a.net
Thu Oct 11 07:14:07 UTC 2007


I'm working on at91rm9200 (Linux 2.6.16) and I'm trying to map last 64K
of memory (CPU registers). I get an error:

mmap() error in xio_linux.c: Value too large for defined data type
xio_linux.c:134 Ifc mmap_entry_2 start 0xFFFF0000 size 0x00010000

Frankly, I don't see any overflow here and besides it used to work when
I have compiled using glibc based toolchain. Now I started to use uClibc
toolchain from buildroot - and here I am.

Any suggestions?



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