[Buildroot] [MIPS] toolchain/gcc/Config.in broken

Elizabeth Oldham beth at the-hug.org
Wed Oct 10 10:13:37 UTC 2007

> On Tue, Oct 09, 2007 at 09:56:40PM +0100, Elizabeth Oldham wrote:
>> Elizabeth Oldham wrote:
>> gcc supports it, but AFAIK it isn't used on MIPS/Linux, so I assume
>> buildroot/uclibc wont be interested in it?
> It shouldn't hurt to support it IMHO.

I'd find it confusing having an abi that wasn't supported on the thing I
was building for, but whatever.

> Look quite similar to what i currently have, yes.

ish.  n32 is a 64bit variant, not supported on 32bit cores. The default
should be based on the ISA selected, as in my

+	default BR_mips_ABI_O32 if BR_mips_32 || BR_mips_32r2
+	default BR_mips_ABI_N32 if BR_mips_64 || BR_mips_64r2

With whatever naming convention you want to apply of course.

And o32 should end up as just 32 by the time it gets passed to gcc configure.


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