[Buildroot] Problems building toolchain

Kim Strøger ks at sfktech.com
Wed Oct 10 07:17:57 UTC 2007

Bernhard Fischer wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 09, 2007 at 05:18:03PM +0200, Kim Strøger wrote:
>> How do I get passed this point ?
> What did you specify as your target CPU and other settings? If in doubt
> attach your toplevel .config, please.
> Also please do
> $ make V=1
> and show me the arguments used for the command that fails.

The .config

# BR2_alpha is not set
# BR2_armeb is not set
# BR2_avr32 is not set
# BR2_cris is not set
# BR2_ia64 is not set
# BR2_i386 is not set
# BR2_m68k is not set
# BR2_mips is not set
# BR2_mipsel is not set
# BR2_nios2 is not set
# BR2_powerpc is not set
# BR2_s390 is not set
# BR2_sh is not set
# BR2_sh64 is not set
# BR2_sparc is not set
# BR2_sparc64 is not set
# BR2_x86_64 is not set
# BR2_generic_arm is not set
# BR2_arm610 is not set
# BR2_arm710 is not set
# BR2_arm720t is not set
# BR2_arm920t is not set
# BR2_arm922t is not set
# BR2_arm926t is not set
# BR2_arm10t is not set
# BR2_arm1136jf_s is not set
# BR2_arm1176jz_s is not set
# BR2_arm1176jzf_s is not set
# BR2_sa110 is not set
# BR2_sa1100 is not set
# BR2_xscale is not set
# BR2_iwmmxt is not set
# BR2_ARM_EABI is not set

  $make V=1

Checking build system dependencies:
BUILDROOT_DL_DIR clean:                         Ok
CC clean:                                       Ok
CXX clean:                                      Ok
CPP clean:                                      Ok
CFLAGS clean:                                   Ok
INCLUDES clean:                                 Ok
CXXFLAGS clean:                                 Ok
which installed:                                Ok
sed works:                                      Ok (/bin/sed)
GNU make version '3.81':                        Ok
C compiler '/usr/lib/distcc/bin/gcc'
C compiler version '4.1.2':                     Ok
C++ compiler '/usr/lib/distcc/bin/g++'
C++ compiler version '4.1.2':                   Ok
bison installed:                                Ok
flex installed:                                 Ok
gettext installed:                              Ok
makeinfo installed:                             Ok
Build system dependencies:                      Ok

and it is when I do the make that I get the error.

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