[Buildroot] Best buildroot options for a custom AT91RM9200 board?

Ulf Samuelsson ulf at atmel.com
Mon Oct 8 17:13:18 UTC 2007

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Subject: [Buildroot] Best buildroot options for a custom AT91RM9200 board?

> Hi,
> I'm trying to create a root fs for a custom board wich is AT91rm9200 based.
> So i have several newbie (maybe dumb) questions.
> I've started with the svn version of buildroot and after dealing with lots
> of "soft-float"/uCLibc problems i finally discovered that
> there's a prebuilt setup from the Atmel people that seems to work.
> Since the AT91.com buildroot project section is broken, im unable to find
> further documentation regarding this matter appart from some posts from Ulf
> Samuelsson on this list.
> Can somebody tell me wich version is best for the AT91RM9200? I only see 2
> options:
> 1) Last buildroot svn version
> 2)
> ftp://at91dist:distrib@
> Are there any other options?


svn should be OK if NWFPE is used, soft-float does not work with current setup.
It worked 1-2 weeks ago for ARM integrator, but now this is broken as well.
Don't know what happened.

Best Regards
Ulf Samuelsson

> And the last question, I'm using a 8MB Spi DataFlash for storage, so my
> rootFS cannot grow more than 6 MB (since i use at least 2MB for bootloader,
> kernel and other stuff) is there any "must have" minimal configuration
> recommended?
> Thanks all for your time and sorry about my poor english.


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