[Buildroot] Best buildroot options for a custom AT91RM9200 board?

Jorge S. jorgesolla at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 17:46:10 UTC 2007

2007/10/8, Leonid <Leonid at a-k-a.net>:
> Hi, Jorge:

Hi again, and thanks for your help.

> > I've started with the svn version of buildroot and after dealing with
> lots of "soft-float"/uCLibc problems
> > finally discovered that there's a prebuilt setup from the Atmel people
> that seems to work.
> [snip]
> > 1) Last buildroot svn version
> > 2)
> ftp://at91dist:distrib@
> Host/Buildroot/buildroot-20070116-RC2.tar.bz2
> LB: I couldn't make option 1 working for me, but that probably was
> because I was really newbie for builsroot couple weeks ago. I may try
> again in future. After all I used second option successfully.

I'm still working on it this afternoon and i can confirm that option 1 (last
svn version from buildroot) produces a working
toolchain just using the "at91rm9200df_defconfig". When i say working i mean
it its able to build the toolchain,uCLibc, Busybox, Boa web server, libcgic,
libsqlite and some other tools, still untested on the target system.

I was trying to build wireless-tools since i'm planning to use a wifi
usb-gadget on my board but compilation failed, i will try to solve this


     make at91rm9200df_defconfig
    and then...make

    After solving a few errors with broken urls while the script downloads
sources,you get the toolchain and the rootfs.

   By default it creates a 36MB rootfs, so i disabled most of the sections
and now i have a 4,4MB rootfs.

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